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2017 F-650 Regular Cab Cab Chassis (Stock #30928)

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Available NOW in Milwaukee, WI

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2017 Ford F650 Regular Cab Dock HGT, Oxford White Exterior, Steel Gray 30/70 DR AIR INT PUMP Vinyl Interior, 260" Wheelbase, 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel, 300 HP, Frame Rails 14.18 S/M 120K PSI, Front Axle - 10K Capacity, Front Suspension- 10K CAP, Single 19K CAP OPEN, Hydraulic Brakes, Rear Seat Delete, GDYR 11R22.5G Enduran RSA Tires, 6.14 Axle Ratio, Sync Media System, Front Stabilizer Bar, Jump Start Stud, Synthetic Front Wheel Bearing Lube, SYN Lube-Rear Axle, 2-12V 1800 CCA Batteries, Trans Power Take Off Diesel, XL2020 PWR/HTD Black 102", Premium Elec AM/FM/CD/MP3, Auxiliary Switch (4), Fuel Tank- 50gals Aluminum, Rear Spring Suspension- 19K, Chrome Front Bumper, Chrome Grille, Power Equipment Group, Rear Shock Absorbers and Daytime Running Lights. At Badger Truck Center, we are a truck dealership with sales representatives who have extensive truck knowledge and can help you build and price the truck for your business needs. Call us to get started. *Please note that pricing does not include eligible Incentives, Rebates, or Bonus Cash.

Chassis Details

Cab Type
Vehicle Trim
Vehicle Body
Regular Cab
Interior Color
Exterior Color Description
Stock Type
Stock Number
Ford 6.7L
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Photos shown may be library images.


Price: Ask

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MSRP $77,710

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